This and that
Life is not that great right now. Associates at work are behaving like 2 year olds, trying to get others in trouble and for what? There is one CSS who is quite definitely the instigator and I cannot fathom why. She is getting cashiers to write statements on the other 2 on the me and the other one. And what is more she even tried to get other cashiers involved and ha ha ha it didn't work. Some are loyal to me ya know and told me of the scheme going on. Apparently someone doesn't like the fact I am doing my job by calling her out on all her misdeeds.....she thinks I am picking on her. Well you know what...the co manager is aware of all this and it doesn't look good for Miss Instigator. It is a gonna backfire on her and I will be the one laughing at the end. Buggar them all I say.

And C: I am definitely supportive of you getting your own place and will do ALL I can to help you achieve that goal. I am concerned with you being where you are because if the little one continues to experience MRSA outbreaks it is NOT HEALTHY for YOU!!! I am very uncomfortable with you living in those conditions.....this is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS and you don't need to be exposed to it on a continual basis. Remember there is very little I am not aware of, and it is NOT because I ask...I could bloody care less, but I do have big ears and hear a lot!!!! TAKE CARE!!!

Well off to the Land of Nod...I am cold and sleepy.


This is not a day I really celebrate so of course I never requested off from work. And with the time change I got in an extra hour which means overtime for the week...yay!!! We had some really strange looking peeps come in the store during the night....weirdos and hoochie mamas galore!!! I truly wish some could see themselves as others do.....and I tell you if any of my girls had even thoughts about going out dressed like some of those I saw did, then they would have been grounded for life!!! Sherry went to Port Angeles with James, our resident Jarhead.....I would imagine they had fun, ecept for the journey home when they got held up at the Hood Canal Bridge during one of its test openings!!! Grrrrr for them. Brandy went to her dad's and had a good time. She brought me a plate of goodies from the party there and they do look scrumptious...will dig in later, after I have had some sleep!!!  CHanged the times on the microwave and my ceiling clock so all is to do some internet cruising and then off to the Land of Nod.

First Amendment

The 1st amendment assures us of the freedom of speech. Therefore if someone up and says something and another hears it, yet another someone cannot say a bloody thing about it, especially if it isn't defamatory!! This is how things get passed along in society, via word of malice of forethought or anything nefarious intended. Sometimes knowledge comes to us in the blink  of an eye, or the utterance of a word here and with it!!

Let me put it this way!!

This is what I see: there is no time for me even on a Thursday now, especially since you leave to meet your friends at 1230.  I don't want to be held to a time or time limit, it isn't fair so my day in your life is non existent now. I had hoped to bring your fridge to you and spend some time just "chilling" (to use your word) but it isn't meant to be. Also I am getting a little tired of being a "storage unit".......I brought your stuff here to help you out, but you need to find a place for it there now. If you don't, won't or can't, then I get all said property by default and am free to do with it as I see is only fair!! Just remember one thing: BLOOD is thicker than WATER....."steps" are water!!


I am a very affectionate person and I am suffering from a lack of it in my life. Nobody around me really enjoys the type of affection I need and want to give and it bothers me greatly. I am craving some good, long hugs, filled with lots of warmth. Only one of my offspring is even remotely interested in giving me is flat out not interested and I might as well say I never really see the third!!! I guess you could say I am feeling somewhat depressed about hurts too. But you cannot force someone to show that kind of affection, even though they were raised with LOTS of it!!! Oh well I can at least hug my stuffed animals and they won't pull away!!!


This time last year I was in England. How I wish I could go back in time and live those 2 wonderful weeks all over again. And then I also wish I could change many of the events that have occurred since then. But none of this is possible since time travel is but a dream. I wish I could go back and stay there, life would so much less complicated and I wouldn't have to worry about some of the things (and people) that are bothering me here in the US.  I am tired of all the pettiness and empty/idle threats which have zero merit.....could forget all those in the beautiful English or Scottish countryside. Maybe the good Lord will make this possible so I can live out my days within my heritage and in peace.


Trying to engage me in a war of words.....or any war for that totally futile. You are outclassed in every aspect so don't waste your time...any of you out there!!


I suppose I am "happy" a sense that is. BUT I am not thrilled at having to share MY space (ie room) with someone else. I have clothes, totes and laundry baskets belonging to Sherry in my room since she has opted not to make space in her room and in many ways I resent it. It means she has to get her clothes from there, gets dressed there and so forth. I will do whatever it takes to keep my family intact but this is kinda not fair. Still I am THRILLED to have my baby home, she is where she needs to be right now. At least I will rest easy knowing she can eat whenever she wants and not go hungry!!! 

Then C there is you. I miss our weekly visits, but I can understand you need to work on your own life, but why can't you make space for me in there somewhere? You don't want to be the one to initiate a visit...why is that? I have never even been in your home for a meal (unless you count the day you moved in and I ordered pizza for everyone and your roomie saw fit to go out)? Her mother and stepfather have and I guess it hurts that I haven't been extended that same kind of invite. What have I done?  I love you dearly, you are my first born, but it seems I am some distant specter in your mind that doesn't materialize!!! Oh well c'est l'vie I suppose.

At least I have my three cats :-)))))))


Brandy is home and I am happy about is good to have her back in the fold. Just a few more things to move out of her closet and then she will have the room entirely to herself again. Woot!!! Just hope she will be happy here and able to do the things she needs to do to be happy in her life.

I am not feeling well right a cold, runny nose and aching bones....still have to go to work and boy is it cold at night!!! I wear a thick flannel shirt all night, especially now since I don't want to make myself even sicker. Life goes one, I don't call out, it isn't fair on others and besides I literally can't afford to miss any hours.


Changed my mind

One day after deleting my journal I decided to reactivate it. I was kinda upset because I never seem to get any reaction to what I say!!! Well who the hell cares....I enjoy using this space to vent and find doing so rather cathartic. Therefore I will continue with my writings and to hell with comments. I am tired of asking for reactions when it is obvious none are gonna be forthcoming.


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